XC90 “Wedding"

The longer version of the Volvo XC90 Wedding story.  A man sits in his Volvo XC90, writing a speech.  For a wedding?  Later we see glimpses of the extended family sharing a ride, in different situations revolving around the car, revealing more about the relationships between the driver and passengers.  There’s a lot to this story, and a lot that’s not on screen, leaving much to the viewer’s imagination.  

This ad generated a lot of conversation #VolvoWedding 

S90 “Song of the Open Road”

This epic road story features the the Volvo S90.  It's hard to tell the whole story in :30.  Walt Whitman's prose, Josh Brolin's raspy voice, Dan Romer's original score.  This generated almost as much controversy and hoopla as the Wedding spot.  A disillusioned writer embarks on a journey to find inspiration, and himself by taking to the open road in his new S90.