hp diversity: “Dads and Daughters”

What happens when the CMOs daughter interviews for a job in New York?   She told him he should see the kind of stuff posted online as tips for women going on job interviews. 

It was awful, and led to this 2:30 video, in which real dads are handed a piece of internet advice to read to their real daughters (no actors here), and an animated, affectionate discussion ensues between each pair.  

Directed by Jillian Martin of Untitled and Free The Bid, an organization formed to increase the participation of female directors. 

"Dads and Daughters" is being posted across digital media, including paid social. 

"We have to take this one at a time to do it right," Lucio said. "You have to be very authentic and transparent. It's about selling who we are and what we want to become." 

hp supplies: Magician

The first in a series of funny bits designed to enlighten the main inside the hp printer cartridge.  A magician conjures up a real dove from his lifelike hp color print.