“No Compromise” Nespresso TV :30

Producer, The Martin Agency

Director: Jordan Scott, RSA

Penelope Cruz is enamored with something in this scintillating commercial involving a mysterious friend and a satisfying coffee experience.

“Towel” Nespresso TV :30

Producer, The Martin Agency

Director: Michael Haussman, HSI

A beautiful woman fantasizes about her favorite cafe, and we find out it is actually her own home...  The haunting Lana Del Rey "Blue Jeans" track scores the lush, sensual imagery and we learn about how to make coffee in the best cafe... Yours! 

The "Making of" a great cup of coffee, in the greatest cafe - Yours!

Producer/ Director: The Martin Agency

Behind the Scenes with the agency, client and film crew as the story of Nespresso unfolds in the “Towel” TV launch.

Nespresso "Towel" Digital Content

Producer: The Martin Agency

For digital outlets worldwide: A taseteful and sexy look at the Nespresso product and Brand Essence.