Maybelline Director’s Cut

The Maybelline models have fun cavorting in Williamsburg and making a Great Lash commercial. 

Producer, Tag Creative

Director: Paula Walker

Chobani "Nothing but Good" Digital Image video

Director: Grey NY

In the tiny town of New Berlin, NY, the Chobani folks asked us to brand the tagline "Nothing but Good".  This video served as a goodwill emissary around the world, and helped propel Chobani to the leading yoghurt manufacturer in the US

"Rachel" Rachel Roy Website Teaser

Director: TheLab

This groovy vid paired a bunch of non-actor "real girls" with a roving video team to get off-the-cuff video capture of this print shoot for the Fall 2010 RRR website.


Ragu Fanpage BTS Web Content (Director)

Director/Cameraman: BFG 9000

How do moms entice finnicky kids to enjoy their meal made with unusual Ragu preparations?  This "Making of" video shows how moms sent ideas in to the Ragu Facebook Fan Page - then the agency wrote up clever spots, which were produced and aired on the same site within 24 hours.

Cars "Sad Song" music video


Ric Ocasek's commentary on the current state of communication in the modern world.

Ford Mustang "Green Light" :60 Superbowl Commercial 

Producer: JWT

In the frozen tundra, a local cop is flummoxed by the driver of a brand new Mustang convertible, standing at a green light.